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March 13, 2017
So you’re looking for a new dentist... Here’s what you should be asking, AND HEARING when you make that first phone call:   Have you recently moved to a new area and in need of new healthcare providers? Or perhaps the dentist you have seen for years is preparing to retire and you need to start making arrangements to seek your dental care elsewhere. We all find ourselves making that phone call at... Read More
February 23, 2017
Dr. Tenaglia and her team are very excited to give you a beautiful white smile. Dr. Tenaglia has invested in the latest and greatest Zoom equipment. Chavon, our dental assistant, is our Zoom whitening specialist. We have the newest generation LED light to provide a brighter smile for you. This specific piece of equipment has different settings to adjust the intensity level to give you the maximum... Read More
February 13, 2017
You may have recently seen news headlines that look like the ones posted below, and you got excited about them correct? Don’t believe all you read; what you can’t see is what’s written between the lines. The truth about this new phenomenon is the research wasn’t done well. That, my friends, doesn’t mean flossing is worthless it just tells us that our data needs to be amped up! We, as dental... Read More
February 09, 2017
Yeah! Dental insurance…or so you thought, right? You have chosen the option to pay a company to handle your dental bills at a premium and then, wowza! You got billed. Have you had an experience in which your insurance plan states it will cover 100% of a procedure but you still wind up paying.  For example:             Your 6 month cleaning and exam is $10 (you wish!) and you graciously pay upon... Read More
December 19, 2016
  Have you been to the dentist recently and he/she said “Hrmph, it looks like you have a cavity we need to fix”? And then did you think to yourself, “Great, just what I needed”Don’t get too down on yourself, it isn’t completely your fault; there are many factors that go into cavities forming. Now, we could go on and on with a list of reasons or we could tell you the top 8 reasons why an... Read More
December 05, 2016
Fluoride Varnish   What is fluoride? Easily define; fluoride helps prevent tooth decay by slowing demineralization and increasing the remineralization process.   Wait, what is demineralization? Demineralization is the break-down of enamel, they may appear sometimes whiter, and are soft when touched by an instrument. A demineralized area is more susceptible to decay thus   inviting the use of... Read More
November 10, 2016
Have you been into the office since the painting has been completed? The remodel is even more along now than these pictures show, but how about this color?! We're excited for the completion... coming soon!
November 10, 2016
Could you help determine if someone was having a stroke? Remember S.T.R and tongue. S stands for smile, T is for talk and R is for raise. There could be a very subtle hint of any of these symptoms so it could be hard to determine. This shouldn't stop you from calling 911 anyways. Have the person smile usually they will not be able to smile much or one side will lack in muscle movement. Talk,... Read More
October 13, 2016
  You may be wondering where Dr. Tenaglia has gone to this week. She has taken on some greater education in the great state of Nevada. She has been a member of the Las Vegas Institute most of her career as a dentist. This is a place of learning and higher education so that we as a dental team can deliver great new advanced technology and reserach to our patients.  Just as most people know,... Read More
October 13, 2016
Did you know? Did you know that when negelected, the tongue can hold thousands of bacteria causing bad breath? Have you ever thought, "why is my tongue white and not pink?" This is the cause of forgetting to brush the soft tissue during your toothbrushing times helping the bacteria multiply. Ew. The white coloration of your tongue is caused from the bacteria, for a lack of better terms, the white... Read More