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Implementing Lumineers in Okemos

By Our Dentist with Over 25+ Years of Experience

If you have misaligned, discolored, chipped, or stained teeth, lumineers porcelain veneers are a permanent, painless, and safe solution. Lumineers do not require any anesthetic for their application unlike traditional porcelain veneers, which involve painful procedures and teeth removals.

Created with a bonding system that uses patented technology, lumineers veneers are the sole system that have proven to last over two decades. These specialized porcelain veneers are often thinner than contact lenses and can be applied over already existing teeth, including crowns. In addition, they do not induce any painful teeth removals. Lumineers uses premium cerinate porcelain, a substance for which there is no substitute.

There are currently about 11,000 dentists that offer lumineers veneers and only lumineers uses cerinate porcelain. These veneers come with certificates of authenticity to prove that they are the real thing, as opposed to other, inferior products.

The Lumineers Difference

In addition to the above information, lumineers generally only take two quick visits to the dentist in order to be completely applied. They are also completely reversible, so if you change your mind later on, know that the procedure can be undone.

The Okemos lumineer system is clinically proven to last over two decades and provides:

  • Patented, ultra-thin, cerinate porcelain means lumineers can be placed directly over existing teeth pain-free
  • Zero shots
  • Absolutely no painful tooth reduction
  • Patient acceptance- no anesthesia or drilling increases demand
  • Convenience- these veneers can be placed in as few as two dental visits
  • Longevity- they last over two decades and was proven in an on-going, clinical study
  • Versatility- they can be placed over pre-existing teeth restorations
  • Dependability- patented cerinate porcelain is available only through Cerinate Smile Design Studios
  • Guaranteed- 5-year limited warranty when Ultra-Bond resin cement and Tenure adhesives are used

Today’s consumers are concerned, more than ever, about saving tooth structure. Cerinate Porcelain is the strongest, micro-crystalline, leucite-reinforced ceramic on the market today. Stronger porcelain enables you to do more porcelain restorations because patients are more receptive to avoiding tooth reduction. When you use lumineers, preparation then becomes an option.

Tens of thousands of consumers have called their dentists, or called Den-Mat, to find a lumineers dentist. Now join us so they can find you. Start offering the painless way to reshape your patients’ smiles.

Contact us online or call us today at (517) 715-4130 to schedule an appointment for your lumineers in Okemos.

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