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Dental hygiene is the cornerstone for a lifetime of dental health. The professional cleaning and removal of plaque, stains, and calculus (tarter) on the teeth is imperative to dental health. The calculus (tarter) is removed by scaling teeth because it irritates the gums and causes gum disease. The most significant function that the dental hygienist performs during the prophy is prevention of disease along with patient education.

Patients should schedule their re-care appointments on a regular basis for early diagnosis of dental disease the hygienist and/or dentist may recommend a prophylaxis visit every two to six months. Re-care frequency depends on many factors and should be determined on an individual basis. Some people tend to have more buildup of calculus that others and some may be more prone to periodontal inflammation or the development of tooth decay. Patients with inadequate oral hygiene practices will require more frequent and difficult cleanings.