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Lumineers Give an "Extreme Makeover" Smile in an Extremely Pleasant Way

NO Removing Sensitive Tooth Structure!
NO Shots!
NO Pain!

Lansing Lumineers

LUMINEERS porcelain veneers may be your answer—a safe, painless, permanent cosmetic solution for stained, chipped, discolored, or misaligned teeth. Unlike traditional porcelain veneers that require painful removal of sensitive tooth structure, no anesthetic is required for LUMINEERS.

LUMINEERS porcelain veneers combine a bonding system with patented LUMINEERS technology, the only system proven to last over 20 years. LUMINEERS can be as thin as a contact lans and placed over existing teeth (even unsightly crowns!) without removing any painful tooth structure. Only a LUMINEERS Smile is made from Cerinate porcelain. Accept no substitutes.

Over 11,000 dentists offer LUMINEERS. Only LUMINEERS is made from Cerinate Porcelain and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

The Lumineers Difference

LUMINEERS are ultra-thin veneers that can be bonded directly over existing tooth structure to create a new beautiful smile. With LUMINEERS, there is no need to remove sensitive tooth structure so patients are not required to have any shots or anesthesia and endure the traditional pretreatment tooth preparation. With LUMINEERS, the procedure is painless, and fast (in most cases, it only takes two short dental visits). The great news about LUMINEERS is that they are completely reversible, so patients who are concerned about the procedure can be assured that they can be removed and returned to their natural smile if they decide to do so. The LUMINEER system is clinically proven to last over 20 years and provides:

  • Super-thin, patented Cerinate Porcelain means LUMINEERS can be placed directly over existing teeth without removing senstive tooth structure.
  • No shots
  • No painful tooth reduction
  • Patient acceptance-no anesthesia or drilling increases demand
  • Convenience-LUMINEERS can be placed in only 2 dental visits
  • Longevity-20 years clinically proven in an on-going study
  • Versatility-can be placed over existing restoration, including crowns
  • Reliability-patented Cerinate Porcelain is available only through Cerinate Smile Design Studios
  • Guaranteed-5-year limited warranty when Ultra-Bond resin cement and Tenure adhesives are used

Today’s consumers are concerned, more than ever, about saving tooth structure. Cerinate Porcelain is the strongest, micro-crystalline, leucite-reinforced ceramic on the market today. Stronger porcelain enables you to do more porcelain restorations because patients are more reception to avoiding tooth reduction. When you use LUMINEERS, preparation then become an option.

Tens of thousands of consumers have called their dentists, or called Den-Mat, to find LUMINEERS dentist. Now join us so they can find you. Start offereing the painless way to reshape your patients’ smiles.

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