Pain Free Injections

Lansing, Okemos, Meridian Township and nearby areas of Michigan

Topical anesthetic can alleviate pain associated with the injection

On a statistical basis, only 60% of people visit the dentist in any given year. One of the leading reasons is the fear of the "dental experience". The procedure that calms most of the anxiety is the dental injection, or "shot". Dental injection techniques have remained virtually unchanged for many years. The use of topical anesthetic can alleviate pain associated with the injection.

What's keeping you from enjoying the benefits of dental health and a gorgeous smile? Time? Trust? Embarrassment? Overwhelming anxiety? It doesn't have to take a lot of time. You can regain your health, turn back the hands of time and look fabulous in as little as two visits. You can trust Dr. Tenaglia. Our office is different, we understand you special needs and are extensively trained to handle your complicated case and deliver exceptional results to you.

Your new smile will renew your confidence.

You need not be embarrassed.