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Trendy Toothpaste!! What kind will you choose to best fit you?

Do you remember buying toothpaste, and standing in the aisle for at least five minutes reading and deciding which toothpaste brand is good to buy?  There are so many choices to choose from like Colgate, Crest, Aquafresh, and so many more. Choosing the right kind of toothpaste for you is much harder than you think. You have many descriptions to choose from: 1. All Natural 2. Fluoride Free 3. Foaming Action 4. 12 hour Germ-Fighting The real question is “Which one would you buy?”  We are going to help you break it down. 1. All Natural You will not find any artificial colors, flavors, or fragrances in this product.   Now the question is will “All Natural” toothpaste be a good candidate to protect your teeth? It will do its job of making your mouth feel fresh and clean but you can still get tooth decay and plaque.  Our advice to you is, make sure you choose one that contains fluoride to help prevent cavities. 2. Fluoride Free Some people may fear cosmetic damages to their enamel from high doses of fluoride. Fluoride helps fight plaque, by decreasing the ability of bacteria to group together.  Fluoride-free is meant for kids, who might swallow toothpaste which can cause stomach aches. 3. Foaming Action Foaming action does help penetrate hard to reach places. Once in your mouth it starts to foam.  If you like a lot of foam action in your mouth this might be a good pick. 4. 12 Hour Germ Fighting Formula This toothpaste contains a stronger antibacterial agent then fluoride called Triclosan. It was formulated to fight germs up to 12 hours after brushing.  The long term benefits are still being studied. So it’s up to you to decide what kind of toothpaste best fit you. Remember, it’s the toothbrush touching the teeth that remove plaque (bacteria) on the teeth.  Fluoride is the best component in toothpaste to help prevent bacteria from attaching to your teeth.   Smiles, Dr. Tenaglia & Team