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Do you need your teeth cleaned?

Dr. Tenaglia is demonstrating an adult cleaning oral exam otherwise known as a dental prophy. At every cleaning we do several things for your benefit.

  1. Perio Chart: This helps identify what type a cleaning some people need and helps diagnosis periodontal disease. She will go around each tooth and identify each depth of the pocket, 1, 2, and 3 are in normal range, 4 or more are usually a buildup of plaque and tartar, and you may have an infection building up in your pockets.
  2. Hand Instrumentation: This is done to remove the tartar or the hard deposits from the teeth. This is done on each surface of the teeth and there are 6 surfaces of the teeth.
  3. Polish: This gives your teeth the sparkle! We use a special paste and the low-speed headpiece, and polish along the gum line and the teeth. This gets all the plaque and soft deposits off the teeth, this is done on all surfaces of the teeth front and back.

  This is a painless process; it gets your teeth clean, fresh and smooth! Call or Email us to schedule your next cleaning with us!