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How can I replace a tooth?

With an immediate placement of an Implant! Dr. Tenaglia continues to learn the latest technique and procedures to provide you with pain free modern dental treatment. She just completed a very specific hands on course using new instruments to help make extraction of a tooth simple and pain free, allowing immediate implant placement, no hole in your mouth. The innovative instruments called the Physics Forceps, help Dr. Tenaglia remove a bad tooth. The Physics forceps were designed and implemented right here in the state of Michigan at the University of Detroit by Dr. Richard Golden. These innovative instruments can remove the teeth with little or no trauma to the surgical site. Excessive force may lead to damage that prohibits immediate placement of the dental implant, but with these instruments minimal force is needed, which is essential for proper healing of an immediately placed dental implant. If you are looking for a solution to your missing tooth problem, call or email us today!