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Why do you get x-rays taken at the dentist?

We take x-rays based on your individual needs, every patient is different. If you are a new patient, you may need to have a thorough radiograph evaluation taken to determine the present health of your teeth. There are hidden areas in your mouth we need to evaluate for changes. Taking necessary x-rays at your cleaning appointment varies according to your age, risk of disease and signs and symptoms in your mouth. X-rays may be needed to detect new cavities, bone loss and to evaluate growth and development.  Children may need more x-rays taken than adults because their teeth and jaw are still developing. The benefits of x-rays: ---Small areas of decay (before they get bigger) ---Infections in the bone ---Periodontal (gum) disease ---Abscesses or cysts ---Developmental abnormalities ---Some types of tumors Call or Email us today so you can schedule an appointment to prevent any of the following happening to you.