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  • Number 1 Reason You Have Bad Breath
    Number 1 Reason You Have Bad Breath

    Did you know? Did you know that when neglected, the tongue can hold thousands of bacteria causing bad breath? Have you ever thought, "why is my tongue white and not pink?" This is the cause of ...

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  • Las Vegas Institute
    Las Vegas Institute

    You may be wondering where Dr. Tenaglia has gone to this week. She has taken on some greater education in the great state of Nevada. She has been a member of the Las Vegas Institute most of her career ...

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  • MSU Student Organic Farms Dinner
    MSU Student Organic Farms Dinner

    Thank you MSU Student Organic Farms for compiling a great dinner for your guests on October 2, 2016. What a great event to bring together the local community in such a refreshing atmosphere. The ...

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  • Office Remodel Update
    Office Remodel Update

    We have been busy trying to finish the remodel in the office, it seems like everyday something gets done. We have been diligent about making sure that our patients aren't overwhelmed with any ...

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  • Never Too Young
    Never Too Young

    You're never too young or too old to go to Dr. Tenaglia. Pictured here is Dr. Tenaglia's grandfather, he has been going to her since she graduated from dental school in 1992 and can you believe it he ...

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  • Dental Anxiety
    Dental Anxiety

    Did you know anxiety can be related to your dreams? Do you have dental anxiety? Ask the team at Dr. Tenaglia's about NuCalm and how it's natural components help subside anxiety for our patients in the ...

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