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Las Vegas Institute

You may be wondering where Dr. Tenaglia has gone to this week. She has taken on some greater education in the great state of Nevada. She has been a member of the Las Vegas Institute most of her career as a dentist. This is a place of learning and higher education so that we as a dental team can deliver great new advanced technology and research to our patients.

Just as most people know, science is always evolving and new recommendations are being cast onto our society from all angles. This, however, will never change, it is a change that will never stop changing,

Dr. Tenaglia prides herself and her team on making sure they stay up to date with the newest information so that we can present the best treatment to our patients, the team never wants to have any shortcomings when it pertains to patients needs.

Why the Las Vegas Institute? Because it's a great arena for learning, it has an atmosphere that is not only hands on but is personable and applicable to all members. Each year the Institute offers many classes in Las Vegas and Chicago so that there is never a time for dental teams across the country to be unaware of what scientifically is going on in the dental world.

Next time you visit Dr. Tenaglia and her team, ask questions about the newest developments and what Dr. Tenaglia took away from her trip this week while visiting Las Vegas.