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Office Remodel Update

We have been busy trying to finish the remodel in the office, it seems like everyday something gets done. We have been diligent about making sure that our patients aren't overwhelmed with any construction going on during their appointments. Since we pride ourselves in making sure all of our patients have as little anxiety as possible, we have made sure that they still feel like they are coming to an office of peace and smiles. Although this on taking has come with some stressors, our team has done a great job working together keeping the nuances behind scenes so that our day to day life in the office seems picture perfect.

Our team has helped a lot in the construction part of this remodel from taking down wallpaper, moving furniture and even helping pick out colors and materials for the walls, furniture, and ceiling. This is still in the works.

Our office is really starting to come to life with its new coat of paint and new couches and pillows! If you can believe this whole thing started in January behind scenes but now is really transforming off paper to real life.Stay tuned to see the final product. It shouldn't be too long before the big stuff is all done and it'll be minor tweaks here and there to make sure our office flow maintains itself and our patients really see how much we've paid attention to detail for their comfort.

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