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Immediate Implant Provisionalization and Peri-Implant Disease

Have you ever wondered if you could receive an implant the same day as you get a tooth removed?

We are fortunate as a team that Oral Surgery Associates practice of Dr. Faber and Dr. Persico invited Dr. Velasquez a graduate of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana School of Dentistry, Columbia a leading authority on Immediate Implant Provisionalization and Peri-Implant Disease to share with us the current research and findings.

Dr. Velasquez’s presentation focused on clarifying and reviewing some of the most current concepts regarding immediate implant placement with simultaneous provisional fabrication and peri-implant disease.

The information and research suggest that done in the right environment immediate implant placement and providing an esthetic temporary immediately can be done successfully.

Diagnosis and management of tissue at the time of tooth removal followed by ideal three-dimensional placement of the implant within the aesthetic area is safe and effective in sculpting the tissues for the best results.

We learned important variables to diagnose clinical situations to benefit immediate implant placement post tooth extraction. We now have a better understanding of the importance of immediate(and delayed) provisionalization in the aesthetic zone

and an increased awareness of the critical role of the following restorative protocols to avoid hydro-genic peri-implant complications. This translates to more successful implant placement and temporization until final restoration can be completed.

Thank you, Dr. Faber and Persico and their team for providing a great educational opportunity for our entire team.