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Do you know the amazing facts about Fluoride?

Why did we add fluoride to water?

It began in 1945, it was recommended by the American Dental Association with the attempt to improve dental health. Water fluoridation is the addition of silicofluoride to city water. Silicofluorides are considered hazardous waste by-products of the phosphate fertilizer industry, but with different applications can be useful for better health.

What does fluoride do for you?

Fluoride inhibits enzymes that are essential to normal health and interferes with the formation of collagen (an important structural protein in the body). It helps prevent bacteria from metabolizing and producing an acid that eats a hole in your tooth creating a cavity.

Have any fluoridation studies been done?

Yes! There have been many fluoride studies that have shown the benefit to keeping our teeth healthier for a longer period of time.

Is the fluoride in water the same as in my toothpaste?

No! Fluoride found in toothpaste is pharmaceutical grade sodium fluoride. This fluoride is not meant to be ingested.